Saturday, February 11, 2006

Maarten Daily Digital Travels

Maarten Daily Digital Travels

Another Quiz: What is it. A clue it is placed in the ocean and floats and the blades move.If you wish to know place a comment. Posted by Picasa

The sad result, fortunately no one was injured. Happened in 2005. Posted by Picasa

This helecopter was found to be too heavy for the pontoon and Pilot and owner of pontoon are at fault. Aircraft was owned by Eddie Groves. He was also a passanger. Posted by Picasa

Everybody in Australia should know this Place.offcourse it is Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. Posted by Picasa

This is in a Southern State of Australia, Tell me where it is! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 10, 2006

1956 Ford Custom Fairlane

Saw this 1956 Ford Custom Fairlane parked outside of a local panel shop too have a minor dent repaired. This vehicle is used on a regular basis note also that it is a two door. Posted by Picasa

1929 Ford Sedan

Just Like Brand New this 1929 ford sedan was parked in Milton, Brisbane. Posted by Picasa

Just Cruising in the Breeze.

This gentleman was cruising above the homes at Marcus Beach on the Sunshine Coast. He did this for approximately an hour, and was moving up and down the street on the gentle breeze that was coming off the cliffs below the houses. Posted by Picasa

A Country Shot

This shot was taken by a friend in the early morning at their property in the Blackbutt area of South/East Queensland, personally I feel that this is a superb shot. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 05, 2006

This shot was taken at approximately 300metres from shore and several shot were taken in rapid order. Posted by Picasa

At 300metres not bad I thought. Posted by Picasa

Just before the Big Bomb, as you can see the tide was running out at the time an caused this kite surfer quite a problem. Posted by Picasa

Bomb out. This was after a failed trick, He took several minutes to recover. Posted by Picasa

Enjoying the Moment

These two young men were jump bombing into this natural spa on the edge of the ocean at Point Perry at Mount Coolum.
The rock pool appeared to be at least 6 foot deep and surf was breaking all around them.
Every so often a wave would break filling the rock pool with foam and water.
At no time were they in any danger and they were enjoying the moment as young people tend to do.