Saturday, February 18, 2006

This Fountain is in West End, and releases this light mist all day, however since we are on water restrictions it is now off. Posted by Picasa

This Gaint Kangaroo is made out of auto and machinery parts and is in the Thiess Brothers Building at Southbank in Brisbane. Posted by Picasa

Rear View made out of Auto parts. Posted by Picasa

1932 Chev Confederation.

He advised me that it was running the original block, but he had added Holden piston several years ago and that it ran smoother now.he had added nitrogen to the tyres as he was involved in Vintage car rallies that covered several hundred miles. Posted by Picasa

Came across this gentleman with his superb example of a 1932 Chevrolet Confederation, he had owned the vehicle since brand new and it appeared as though it had been driven from the showroom to be fuelled up. Posted by Picasa

Not a bad Drop.

This sign says it all. Posted by Picasa


This shot give a better view of the damage, the driver walked away from this accident, the trailer was fully loaded and the pole was not replaced and is still in good condition it has collected quite a clooection of vehicles over the years. Posted by Picasa

This Semi took the corner to fast and this was the result, this pole has claimed several vehicles over the years.Next shot gives a better view of the damage. Posted by Picasa

How is this a Mig Fighter at Archerfield Airport that is permanently mounted outside an aircraft repair business. Posted by Picasa

Number4 Posted by Picasa

Number2 Posted by Picasa

Number3 Posted by Picasa

This collection of Photo's is under a motorway Flyover and has been Very effective at deterring graffitti Vandals.  Posted by Picasa

Metalman is seated above a open air food court and appears to be observing the diners below. Posted by Picasa

This Metal Sculpture is at the bottom of Queen Street an the intersection of Eagle St in Brisbane. Posted by Picasa