Wednesday, March 01, 2006

With all the cash in the World being spent on the Gold Coast, I personally think this says it all. The Toyota Corolla was in very good condition considering it age. Posted by Picasa

This was the vehicle that the Stolen Stationwagon hit, fortunately the female driver was not badly hurt.And as luck would have it the hospital was across the road. Posted by Picasa

Hit and Run.

This stolen vehicle was involved in a Hit and Run Ax outside the Gold Coast main hospital, the driver was being pursued by police who pulled out off the chase due to speed. An eye witiness informed me that he had detained the driver who was helping police with their inquiries.The driver was so casual about the Ax that he managed to park the stolen vehicle in a side street 200metres from the Accident and was walking away and changing into another shirt when he was detained. Posted by Picasa

Worlds Tallest Residental Building.

Here is why it is the Worlds Tallest Residential Building, their would have to be 10 Storeys of Crap on top that makes it so tall. Click on the link below to read all about it.Also some new owner found that when they moved in they were required to purschase $42000 worth of furniture in the fine print and in the courts now. Posted by Picasa

Worlds Tallest Residential on the Gold Coast Queensland.

Here it is - the World's Tallest Residential Tower - called "The Q1 Tower". Five star resort-style living in an 80-storey highrise. 527 apartments made up of penthouses, sub-penthouses, plus one, two and three bedroom luxury apartments. High-speed lifts will take visitors and residents to the observation deck at the top of the tower to enjoy the breathtaking views. A ten-storey Sky Garden from level 60 upwards will showcase tropical Queensland's' unique flora and fauna.
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